Aim: To create an educational program for academically focused junior faculty with a special emphasis on invasive fetal therapy.


The position is geared towards candidates who have completed a fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine and are planning to pursue an academic career in fetal therapy.

The program has three main components:

  • Training in advanced fetal imaging in two- and three dimensional ultrasound of fetal anatomy, fetal echocardiography, first trimester assessment, multi-vessel Doppler and MRI.
  • Training in a full range of invasive fetal procedures ranging from cordocentesis to fetoscopic laser ablation of placental anastomoses.
  • Research thesis in fetal surgery.

The curriculum will be implemented through the Section of Fetal Therapy, focused on the Center for Advanced Fetal Care and active participation in intrauterine procedures. Rotations to the Eurofetus fetal therapy center at the Catholic University Leuven, Harris Birthright Centre in London and University of Barcelona will form part of the curriculum.

The anticipated training period will be 18 months. The successful candidate will be board certified in OB GYN, and have completed an ABOG-accredited fellowship in maternal fetal medicine, be eligible for full licensure in Maryland and for appointment to the faculty of the University of Maryland, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Completion of training requires the completion of a casebook, review manuscript, completion of a thesis project, and demonstration of requisite skills in non-invasive and invasive fetal assessment and therapy.


Practice plan funding will be provided at a junior attending level. Additional philanthropic funding will cover expenses for travel and accommodation at European training sites, conference attendance and educational material to a maximum of 3000 USD annually.

Suitable candidates should call 410-328-8874.