The University of Maryland's Center for Advanced Fetal Care is internationally known for the development of advanced techniques in the treatment of complicated pregnancies.

Our physicians bring over 30 years of experience to the diagnosis and intrauterine treatment of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.

TTTS is a complication of identical twins that affects thousands of pregnancies every year in the United States. When identical twins share a single placenta (also called the afterbirth), they are called monochorionic. Sometimes, triplets can be identical, all sharing a single placenta, also called monochorionic. TTTS affects up to 16% of monochorionic pregnancies. The key factor giving a risk for TTTS is the single shared placenta.

In the past decade, our understanding of the causes and effects of TTTS has expanded rapidly. Recent advances in ultrasound assessment allow us to detect TTTS early in pregnancy and dramatic improvements in technology mean we can now treat this condition inside the uterus.

For detailed assessment, please call the Center for Advanced Fetal Care at 1-888-349-8946 (FIX-TWIN).

image of normal monochorionic twins sharing a single placenta

Normal Twins

image of TTTS monochorionic twins sharing a single placenta

TTTS Twins

image of an intervention to treat TTTS