This area is an important focus of current research and of faculty recruitment. Dr. Hasday is an expert in cytokine regulation, the effects of fever and environmental triggers (e.g. endotoxin) and neutrophil recruitment to the lung.

Dr. Goldblum's expertise in pulmonary vascular endothelial barrier regulation is critically important for delivering the cellular and molecular components of the innate immune

The addition of Dr. Stefanie Vogel a world-renowned experts in Toll-like receptors and endotoxin signaling, and Dr. Cross, an internationally respected expert on endotoxin, further strengthens this group.

Dr. Chul Kim is an expert on pulmonary epithelium, regulation of mucus biosynthesis, the first barrier of innate defense, and has identified an important signaling role for the transmembrane mucus molecule (muc-1) during Pseudomonas infection.

Dr. Mark Cowan, adds additional expertise in pulmonary epithelium and its role as a generator of lipid mediators that regulate the innate immune response. He is also addressing mechanisms of epithelial injury and healing.

The expertise of Dr. Rose Viscardi (Pediatric Neonatology, MBRC) in cytokine regulation in the lung and interaction of pulmonary commensals and pathogenic organisms provides a unique asset to the group.