The University of Maryland Inflammation Research Group (IRG) was formed in October, 1999. It comprises approximately 50 research laboratories as well as clinical researchers from multiple schools on the University of Maryland, Baltimore, University of Maryland, College Park, NIH, and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who share an interest in mechanisms of inflammation. The mission of the IRG is to facilitate the exchange of ideas about mechanisms of inflammation across disciplines, leading to development of new ideas about inflammation, new collaborations including those between basic and clinical researchers, and the formation of groups focused on specific scientific questions.

The group currently meets weekly on Fridays at noon. Each laboratory is scheduled to present a seminar about its ongoing research. Presentations use an informal seminar format. Speakers are encouraged to present work in progress rather than completed work. Seminars are usually presented from noon to 1:00. We reserve the 1:00 to 1:30 time slot to discuss newly arising issues, including exciting new data, troubleshooting, ideas for collaborations based on new funding opportunities, discussing newly published or presented data that is of interest to the group, and for meetings of subgroups of the IRG with more focused interests, etc. In providing such a forum, the IRG not only generates new research ideas and new working groups, but also engenders enthusiasm for inflammation research in our trainees. Even more importantly, lunch is served at these seminars.

On the third Friday of each month, the IRG meeting merges with the Mucosal Biology Research Center Research Seminar featuring visiting professors focused on mucosal biology.