Community Support Program

Community Support Program (CSP) is a targeted intensive case management program that is designed to meet the needs of adults who require extensive community support that is not available in traditional mental health services.

CSP offers help and support in making linkage to:

  • Benefits – Applications for income entitlements, including food stamps, pharmacy assistance, medical assistance, and other public programs.
  • Housing – Identification of housing resources and referrals to them.
  • Identification – Assistance in getting supportive documentation for State ID cards.
  • Medical and Substance Abuse Treatment – Referrals and connection to services as needed.
  • Mental Health Treatment – Referrals and connection.
  • Day Programs – Assistance in connecting with day programs for treatment, structure, and vocational services.
  • Transportation – Connection to transport services that individuals can use themselves. Applications for MTA-reduced fare programs and Mobility paratransit.
  • Legal services – Assistance and referrals for legal matters.
  • Probation – Coordination with parole and probation staff.


701 W. Pratt Street
5th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201