Case Management Services

The Adult Community Support and Entitlement Services (ACSES) Program ACSES consists of the Community Support Program, the SSI Outreach Project and the Safe Haven Shelter.

Community Support Program (CSP)

CSP is a targeted intensive case management program that is designed to meet the needs of adults who require extensive community support that is not available in traditional mental health services. CSP staff works closely with clinical teams to assist individuals with taking medication and keeping treatment appointments. They also help obtain a variety of other services, such as housing, medical care, social services, vocational services, rehabilitation services and public benefits. The caseload ratio is 20:1. Total caseload size is 54 individuals.

SSI Outreach Project

SSI project is an outreach program that is grant funded by HUD. The project serves homeless adults in Baltimore City who have serious and persistent mental illness. Clinical staff in the project are able to make presumptive determinations of disability and, therefore, obtain income for individuals much more quickly than usual.

Safe Haven Shelter

The Safe Haven is a city wide shelter funded by HUD and administered by UMMC. The shelter has the capacity to house 20 individuals. The Safe Haven is for individuals who have a history of homelessness and mental illness, and who have been unable or unsuccessful in residing in traditional shelters or engaging in treatment for their illness. Those residing at the Safe Haven are provided 24/7 supervision and support, their own room, three meals a day, laundry facilities and health education. While being in treatment is not an admission criteria, each resident must have a case manager. The case managers and shelter staff partner with the resident to provide education about their illness, on going assessment of needs and work to assist the individual to access treatment when they are ready. Eventually, all residents are connected with one of the city's mobile treatment teams.

  • Eventual access to assessment and treatment of their SMI
  • Linkage to community resources and entitlements
  • Placement of each individual into long term permanent housing

Shelter operations are consumer-choice based without curfews or stringent rules. However drugs, alcohol and violence are not tolerated on the premises. Respect for each other is a fundamental principle of the shelter.

For more information about Safe Haven please call 410-323-7896.

  • Program Director: Barbara Wahl, RN, MA
  • Coordinator: Wayne Wood, M.A.
  • Coordinator of Safe Haven: Qwan Needum

Contact Information 

Community Support Program

University of Maryland Hospital
701 W. Pratt St, 2nd Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

SSI Project

University of Maryland Hospital
701 W. Pratt St, 2nd Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Safe Haven Shelter

41011/2 Old York Road
Baltimore, MD 21218