At the University of Maryland Medical Center, we appreciate the value of your clinical time. We have structured our Psychiatric Assessment and Referral Center (PARC) to handle inquires, referrals and admissions 24-hours-a-day.

Psychiatric Assessment and Referral Center (PARC)

University of Maryland Medical Center
22 South Greene Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

University of Maryland Professional Building
419 West Redwood Street, Suite 570
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Department Executive Office

University of Maryland School of Medicine
Department of Psychiatry
110 South Paca Street, 4th Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Fax Numbers

  • Outpatient Practice Office: 410-328-8552
  • Department Executive Office: 410-328-3693

Specialty Program Listing

Psychiatric Emergency Services

  • Same day visit for emergency evaluation for adults: 410-328-1219

Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Acute Inpatient and Day Hospital Psychiatric Services

Outpatient Psychiatric Services

  • Child Outpatient Clinic (to include school mental health and ages 0-5 services): 410-328-8552
  • Geriatric Outreach and Clinic Services: 410-328-8415
  • Adult Outpatient Clinic (to include trauma and mood disorders): 410-328-5881
  • Community Psychiatry (to include services for persons of all ages with serious and persistent mental illness or behavioral disturbances): 410-328-6231

Consultation Liaison Psychiatry

  • Comprehensive psychiatric consultations for the medically ill (including Pretransplant and pre-surgical consultations)
  • Medical Crisis Counseling Center (comprehensive care for patients and families dealing with medical illness) : 410-328-6091

Faculty Practice

  • Outpatient Services for UMMS & State employees (Evaluations & Therapy): 410-328-5881