The Trauma Disorders Clinic is designed to diagnose and treat psychiatric symptoms in children and adolescents who have experienced a trauma in their lives. The clinic also assists families as they cope with the trauma's aftermath. We specialize in the treatment of sexual and physical abuse, as well as the consequences of life-threatening events. The clinic cares for children ages 5 through 18 and has served the needs of our patient population for over 10 years.

In the Trauma Disorders Clinic, an in-depth evaluation of the traumatic event(s) is conducted. Our highly trained team is sensitive to the fact that discussing these events may not be easy for the child and their family. Following a full evaluation, members of our treatment team will sit down with the family and discuss treatment recommendations.

Scope of Services

Trauma can affect the entire family. Our team in the Trauma Disorders Clinic recognizes this and provides services for both the child and their family.

Services Include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Parent education
  • Family therapy
  • Medication management
  • Stress management
  • Group therapy

Multidisciplinary Treatment Team

The Trauma Disorders Clinic utilizes a multidisciplinary treatment approach. Our team includes child psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical nurse specialists, and licensed social workers. The team meets weekly and works closely together as they provide comprehensive treatment for the child and their family.

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment, a consultation, or for more information:

  • Outpatient Child Psychiatry Program: 410-328-6018
  • Inpatient/Partial Programs: 410-328-6231