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Career coaching services for UMMC employees provide coaching and supportive services to new hires and current team members with the goal of increasing job retention and enhancing career advancement.  

  • Onboarding Assistance – A navigator guides job candidates who have accepted offers. They can help with online orientation, HR forms (background check authorization, I-9 verification, etc.) and scheduling health assessments and screenings.
  • Job Retention – New hires in entry-level positions can get support that will help them stay in their jobs for the long term. During the first year of employment, services include a needs assessment, 30-day check-ins, an individualized development plan (IDP) and resources to help reduce possible barriers to success.
  • Career Planning and Advancement – To help you plan your career at UMMC, we offer help in evaluating your skills and setting person-centered goals. Also, you can get help with your resume, links to jobs and interview preparation services as we help you with career transitions and advancement.  
  • Continuing Education Assistance – Team members who would like professional development, advanced certifications or continuing education can learn about programs and funding options.
  • Skilled Training – Referrals for additional training are made based on your interests, preferences and opportunities to improve skills, which might help you qualify for new jobs.
  • Supportive Services – Individual counseling, service coordination, crisis intervention, legal aid and financial wellness resources are available to employees.

To learn more, contact our Workforce Development Team.