At the University of Maryland Medical Center, we believe it takes a bold vision and unwavering commitment to make a real difference in our community — and we are up for the challenge. In 2018, we found opportunity for landmark progress in the development and implementation of programs and services to our community that improve the lives of those we serve. Through both campuses — Downtown and Midtown — we embrace our one community with sustainable efforts in health, education and workforce development that will make real progress possible.

As one of the largest anchor institutions in West Baltimore, we work in partnership with our community to build and support a healthy, empowered, socially cohesive and revitalized community. Our ambition is to dramatically improve health outcomes, increase life expectancy and reduce hardship. We look forward to advancing our community's ability to reach optimal health, engage employees working in our community, and strengthen values and a sense of purpose among our constituents.

The benefits of providing our community with the benefits of our two campuses cannot be overstated. During 2018, we invested over $250 million in services and programs between the two campuses that improve the health and well-being of our community. With a focus on chronic disease management for both children and adults, the Community Health Education Center (CHEC) at our Midtown Campus screened over 330 people and referred them to treatment and provided education. We provided direct health educational programs and services to over 31,000 people in our community to help them learn how to best manage their health — whether it be controlling high blood pressure, managing diabetes, creating supportive environments for newborns and their parents, quitting smoking, managing asthma or living lives free of violence. We are there to help our citizens be better educated about their health and get screened and tested for various medical conditions so that they are empowered to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

As our collaboration with community partners continues to expand, there is also increased opportunity to support health improvement, hire locally to develop our community's talent, buy and source locally, invest locally and volunteer to support community building. These efforts enhance our ability to provide education and jobs training and remove barriers to health and wellness for both adults and youth. In 2018 alone, we hired over 450 of our neighbors in West Baltimore, and nearly 70 students participated in internships, leading to advanced skills, knowledge and opportunity for viable employment.

As we reflect on 2018, we are reminded of the strength of our mission and value of our partners, as we continue our commitment to a healthy Baltimore and Maryland. On behalf of our board, leadership and staff, thank you for supporting our bold vision and unwavering commitment to make the University of Maryland Medical Center the foundation of a healthy future for our community.

Dana D. Farrakhan, FACHE
Senior Vice President, Strategy, Community and Business Development
University of Maryland Medical Center, Downtown Campus