Hear Mazie Greene explain how Healing Touch sessions brought her peace and tranquility.

Divine Healing Through Faith and Medicine

Mazie Greene's faith in the power of God is so strong that she literally dozed off when UM St. Joseph Cancer Institute oncologist Rima Couzi, MD explained the options to treat her cancer. "My family was listening intently but I just knew that God had given Dr. Couzi the skills to treat me. It was out of my hands and in His."

Mazie followed Dr. Couzi's recommendation of chemotherapy for a six-month regimen. One year and three months following her diagnosis, Mazie has a spirit of gratitude. "It was so important to me to be treated in a faith-based hospital," says Mazie. "At St. Joe's the Spirit of nurturing and healing is everywhere. Of course I understand the power of science, but there is so much more that needs to be tended to when someone is sick."

This exceptionally positive woman had been told of the often unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy but she insists she did not experience them. "Others have told me that after a chemo treatment, they have to go home and go to bed. I went shopping. I was so grateful to God that I felt good," smiles Mazie.

Mazie expresses her wholehearted enthusiasm for The Geraldine G. Schultz Fund for Breast Cancer Survivors. "The ability to be positive and peaceful in any situation is a blessing. I have the ability to be positive because of the love and devotion I receive from family and friends. To me, the Schultz Fund is a blessing for women who have so much capacity for joy, peace and hope for a successful future," Mazie concludes with calm conviction.