"We all have an unsuspected reserve of strength inside that emerges when life puts us to the test." Isabelle Allende

By all accounts, Geraldine Schultz was a woman of uncommon grace, strength and charity. She was also a 40-year breast cancer survivor who showed other women not only how to survive but to thrive following a diagnosis of breast cancer. Mrs. Schultz served as an example to others that one could continue to lead a life of consideration, consequence and elegance following this shattering diagnosis. Upon her death in 2013 at age 100, her son, Michael J. Schultz, MD, was inspired to create an endowment to support breast cancer patients at University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center, particularly in the long-term survivorship phase of the disease. Advances in diagnosis and treatment have dramatically increased survival rates for breast cancer patients. This good news has also made apparent that many of these same patients now have distinctive psychosocial needs long after they are cancer-free. This endowed fund thoughtfully and very purposefully honors Mrs. Schultz's legacy that the fullness of life need not be diminished in the face or aftermath of breast cancer.

About the Fund

With an initial investment of $2 million, the endowment provides partial funding for The Barbara L. Posner Wellness & Support Center, part of UM St. Joseph Medical Center's Cancer Institute. Dedicated in October 2019, the Posner Wellness & Support Center provides an array of evidence-based, holistic and integrative therapies and programs to support patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, including breast cancer.

The Posner Wellness & Support Center programs and services are designed to enhance mind-body-spirit health, for lifelong recovery. The staff uses a thoughtful and deliberate mix of integrative and complementary care that has been proven successful in addressing the particular needs of cancer patients following medical and surgical treatment options, including:

  • Physical Issues
  • Psychological Concerns
  • Social Challenges
  • Spiritual Questioning

Located on the third floor of the Cancer Institute in a bright, modern, welcoming space, the Posner Wellness & Support Center offers healing, hope and the reassuring embrace of a team of integrative specialists dedicated to your entire well-being following a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Because robust financial support is integral to the Center's success, the Foundation at UM St. Joseph Medical Center continues to seek funds to augment the Geraldine G. Schultz Fund. Gifts to the fund ensure that breast cancer patients will have the support they need to realize the promise of a bright and hopeful future.

To speak with someone about the Geraldine G. Schultz Fund, please call the UM St. Joseph Foundation at 410-337-1397 or email SJFoundation@umm.edu.