Inpatient Psychiatry Room

Because the therapeutic, educational and expressive benefits of art can promote healing, UMMC (in partnership with the Baltimore Office of Promotion of the Arts) commissioned dozens murals for its inpatient unit.

The inpatient program at University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus works to meet the complex needs of adults who need support and supervision as they struggle with mental health. Our diverse team of psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and occupational and recreational therapists is dedicated to evidence-based, compassionate, and patient-centered care.

Psychiatry units can often look and feel very sterile and detention like. At UMMC Midtown, we redesigned our unit to provide a safe and therapeutic environment that optimizes patient experience and comfort while providing high-quality care. Some of its amenities include buffet-style meals, patient workbooks and a proactive approach to maintaining patient safety and satisfaction.

Our Team Approach to Care

  • Medication management
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Therapy (group, individual, occupational, recreational, family, and skill-building activities)
  • Substance use treatment services
For more information about the inpatient unit, call 410-225-8155. Healthcare professionals can make referrals 24 hours a day by calling 410-328-6231.