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While fostering person-centered planning in a safe and inviting environment, our outpatient clinics work to give children and adults the tools they need to manage their mental health issues and recover their lives. 

Our team, which is trauma-informed and resiliency-oriented, includes University of Maryland School of Medicine psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, occupational and recreational therapist, addiction counselors and trainees — all of whom are dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive and integrated care.

Some conditions that UMMC Midtown Campus Outpatient Behavioral Health Center treats include: 

  • Stress-related problems 
  • Depression
  • Anxiety 
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Substance-induced psychiatric conditions

Outpatient Clinics

Both our clinic locations provide comprehensive mental health treatment with services that include:

  • Individual, group and family therapies
  • Medication management
  • Case management 
  • Substance abuse services

Carruthers Clinic

The Carruthers Clinic offers the above services to both children and adults.  Its programs include:

Women’s Mental Health  

We provide comprehensive mental health care for women before, during and after their pregnancies.

Our program focuses on the well-being of women, helping them have the best quality of life for them and their families. We provide a private space for women to talk about their needs before, during, and after their pregnancy.

Child and Adolescent

This team cares for children ages 5-18, providing diagnosis and treatment for a range of issues including hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder, impulsivity, aggression and problems at school.

Therapies and services for children include:

  • Individual, play, group and family therapies
  • Medication evaluation and management
  • Socialization groups
  • Consultation with schools and other community agencies

RAISE Connection Program

This early intervention program helps young adults ages 15-35 as they struggle with the initial onset of severe mental health conditions. Individualized services for up to two years can include:

  • Therapy
  • Social skills training
  • Family education
  • Medication management
  • Locating a job
  • Returning to school
  • Substance abuse treatment

To make an appointment, call a community referral specialist at 410-328-9621.

Location and Directions

Fayette Clinic

Our Continuous Care Team (CCT) at this clinic sees adults that need a slightly higher level of care than traditional outpatient care.

Patients come, often multiple times per week, for medication management, therapy and case management. Some may have their monthly income managed by their team.

To make an appointment, call a community referral specialist at 410-328-9621.

Location and Directions