Once a patient has been stabilized following a violent injury, a member of CAP-VIP, typically our Credible Messenger, someone that has been trained to engage with patients in a clinical setting will approach each patient at the bedside. The Credible Messenger is the first point of contact between CAP-VIP and the patient and establishes trust and rapport, serves as the liaison between the patient and CAP-VIP, provides continued peer support and mentorship following discharge.

Our Credible Messenger also has a previous history of violent injury and criminal justice involvement so he or she is intimately aware of the challenges many of our patients face.

 Patients are approached at the bedside because this is known as the "Golden Hours," a critical period when patients are most likely to be thinking about changing the lifestyle that led to their injury or contemplating retaliation. Patients may experience a wide range of emotions while in the hospital; however, CAP-VIP's Credible Messenger is available to help patients cope with their emotions.

Prior to discharge, CAP-VIP's Credible Messenger will determine if the patient is interested in participating in the program. If the patient consents to participate, a member of CAP-VIP's staff and the participant will collectively develop a customized program plan to reduce the likelihood of trauma and criminal recidivism.

  • CAP-VIP's staff will work closely with program participants on their program plan for at least 6-12 months.
  • The Credible Messenger will provide continued peer support and mentoring during this period.