Trauma surgeons mid operation

Greater is saving more lives when every second counts. As one of the leading trauma centers in Maryland, you can depend on our expertise. We even offer post-traumatic injury recovery with community programs and support groups to give patients greater care.

Our Level II Trauma Center is the second busiest in Maryland and is staffed 24/7 with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and critical care specialists. We are experienced at managing the full spectrum of serious injuries caused by falls, vehicle crashes, and violence, including traumatic injuries to the:

  • Head or brain
  • Chest
  • Limbs

Our robust program provides acute and post-traumatic care for children and adults ages 14 and older.

Lifesaving Specialty Radiological Procedures

The trauma and surgery teams at University of Maryland Capital Region Health offer minimally invasive radiological procedures to stop internal bleeding. This service is essential in critical care and trauma cases where bleeding may occur in the brain or other internal areas after a traumatic accident or stroke.

Interventional radiologists are always available to perform these highly skilled procedures, which are not available at every trauma center.

Community Safety Net

Our team is often the first point of contact for many members of our community. At UM Capital, we are committed to providing compassionate and innovative care to all people.

Many of our patients are among the state’s most vulnerable citizens, including:

  • Nursing home residents
  • Senior citizens
  • The homeless