University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center is the second busiest trauma center in the state of Maryland and treats an average of 740 violently injured patients per year.

CAP-VIP is a premier hospital-based violence intervention program in the National Capital Region that provides trauma-informed care and psychological services to survivors of violent injury.

This program works primarily with youth and young adults to reduce the likelihood of repeat violent injury (also defined as trauma recidivism) by addressing the risk factors associated with repeat violent injury.

Goals of CAP-VIP

The mission of CAP-VIP is to reduce the likelihood of repeat violent injury in patients from Prince George's County and the District of Columbia. The goals of CAP-VIP are as follow:

  • Prevent the likelihood of trauma recidivism or multiple hospitalizations for violent injury.
  • Prevent the likelihood of early mortality via violence
  • Prevent the likelihood of criminal recidivism
  • Address the risk factors that contribute to repeat violent injury and criminal justice involvement
  • Prevent retaliatory violence in the local community by working closely with community-based violence prevention and intervention initiatives
  • Provide mentoring and peer support for survivors of violent injury
  • Use a holistic approach to include caregivers and peer networks in the recovery process
  • Empower survivors of violence to determine their pathways towards successful health and life outcomes
  • Amplify the voices and narratives of survivors of violence in the National Capital Region through research and digital media