Spine and brain x-ray

A hemorrhagic stroke is caused when a blood vessel bursts and blood spills into the brain.

The spill causes increased pressure and swelling, resulting in damage to the brain.

Quick treatment is essential to saving a person’s life.

Hemorrhagic strokes happen less often than ischemic strokes

Diagnosing Hemorrhagic Strokes

Diagnostic tests such as CT and CTA scans can help identify the source of bleeding.

  • A CT scan shows the location and size of the blood, as well as any brain swelling.
  • CTA scans examine the brain’s blood vessels for a possible malformation.

Treating Hemorrhagic Strokes

Bleeding (hemorrhagic) strokes are treated with medications to control blood pressure and reduce swelling in the brain. Some bleeding strokes may be treated with surgery.

A treatment plan may also include:

  • Blood pressure control
  • Blood thinner medication
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Physical rehab
  • Smoking cessation
  • Speech rehab
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