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The Community Health Department is responsible for the reporting of Community Benefits on behalf of UM Capital Region Health.

Criteria for Programs, Partnerships and Event Participation

The primary goal of the UM Capital Community Health Department is to develop, partner and support the implementation of programs and activities that are based on a documented community health need and currently align with our Community Health Implementation Plan. Thus all outreach requests are subject to review by the community health department based on the criteria set forth by the State of Maryland.

The Community Health Department is unable to accommodate requests that are primarily for marketing purposes.

View more information about what does and doesn't count as Community Benefit.

Request for partnership activities and programs must address a documented community need through at least one the following mechanisms:

  • A Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) conducted or accessed by the organization.
  • Documentation that demonstrated community need or a request from a public agency or community group was the basis for initiating or continuing the activity or program.
  • The involvement of unrelated, collaborative tax-exempt or government organizations as partners in the activity or program carried out for the express purpose of improving community health

Additional UM Capital criteria include (must meet at least two):

  • Advances community health improvement priorities & initiatives as defined in the UM Capital Region Community Health Implementation Plan.
  • The request is for an organization located within the primary service area for UM Capital Region (Prince George's County, Maryland). Organizations located within a secondary service area (Greater Washington Metropolitan area) will be considered on a case by case basis & dependent on other assets.
  • All requests must be submitted a minimum of 12 weeks prior to event date.

Criteria for Donation Request

Cash and in-kind contributions means contributions made by the organization to health care organizations and other community groups are restricted, in writing for community benefit use

Requests for support will be considered in light of partnership opportunities that align with the health initiatives and priorities set forth in the community health implementation plan for UM Capital Region Health.

Due to funding regulations, the Community Health Department will not provide donations that are intended for promotional and marketing uses concerning the healthcare organization services.

**The Community Health Department will receive and consider all requests on a case-by-case basis**

Questions: email us at UMCapitalCommunityHealth@umm.edu