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What is a Community Benefit?

Community benefit includes activities that are intended to address community needs and priorities primarily through disease prevention and improvement of health status, including:

  • Health services provided to vulnerable or underserved populations
  • Financial or in-kind support of public health programs
  • Donations of funds, property or other resources that contribute to a community priority
  • Health care cost containment activities
  • Health education, screening and prevention services

Annually, the University of Maryland Capital Region Health submits a report to the state of Maryland which details the amount and type of community benefit programs provided by the hospitals. These reports summarize the broad range of health and support activities we offer to meet the needs of the community.

UM Capital Region Health submits community benefit information to the federal government annually on its IRS Form 990, Schedule H.

With a mission is to enhance the health and wellness of our patients and communities, providing state-of-the-art critical care and community leadership with compassion, dignity, and respect, University of Maryland Capital Region Health touches thousands of lives in Prince George’s County and Southern Maryland each year.

In summary for Fiscal Year 2019:

  • $63,121,665 spent (Net Community Benefit) by UM Capital Region Health