Is UM BWMC a teaching hospital?

The UM BWMC GMED (Graduate Medical Education Department) was developed in 2001 through its affiliation with the University Maryland School of Medicine (UM SOM). UM BWMC GMED provides clinical, educational and professional development for medical students, residents and fellows in the UM SOM programs. These specialties include Cardiac Rehabilitation, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, General Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Internal Medicine, Urology, OB/GYN, Vascular Surgery and Orthopedics.

For additional information or interest in future or additional specialties that will practice at UM BWMC, please contact Thelma Askew, Residency Coordinator at 410-787-4113 or

Are there office manager meetings?

Office Manager Meetings are conducted by the Business Development Department as a form of communication between physician offices and UM BWMC. For more information contact our Physician Liaison Nicole Revis at

Is there a comprehensive health sciences library provided for the medical staff?

MDConsult is an online website available to medical staff. It provides extensive text and core journal collections. You can access MDConsult through any UM BWMC computer. Journal articles can also be requested through the librarian, Wayne Resig, MLS at 410-955-3124.

Does UM BWMC offer an adult and pediatric hospitalist program?

UM BWMC has improved the efficiency of inpatient care and patient satisfaction by supporting the development of the hospital based “Inpatient Team.” The Inpatient Team’s goal is to provide high-quality care for patients requiring hospitalization. For more information about the adult hospitalist program, please contact Marianne Cunanan-Bush, MD, Director of the Inpatient Team at 410-787-4686. For more information about the pediatric hospitalist program, please contact Esther Liu, MD, Chair of Pediatrics at 410-787-4618.

Are personalized hospital tours offered for the medical staff?

Yes, contact the hospital’s Medical Staff Services Department at 410-787-4525 to schedule a tour.

Are there opportunities for physicians to work with UM BWMC’s Marketing and Communications Department to make their practices more visible to the community they serve?

The Marketing and Communications Department facilitates internal and external communication between the physicians and the community. They can arrange physicians’ participation in community lectures, health screenings and health fairs, and the department also oversees website administration, media opportunities, physician directories and publications. They can be reached at 410-787-4367.

Will UM BWMC ensure new physicians are included on the hospital website?

The Medical Staff Services Department notifies the Marketing and Communications Department of all new physicians for inclusion on the hospital’s physician directory on the website. All active members of the medical staff will be included in the physician directory, which is used by members of the community to find a primary care physician or a specialist who is accepting new patients.

Does UM BWMC offer CPR certification and recertification courses?

CPR certification and recertification courses are offered to the medical staff on a quarterly basis. Contact Melody Johnson-Otero in our Clinical Education and Development Department at 410-787-4194.

Does UM BWMC offer Continuing Medical Education opportunities?

Educational activities are offered through the CME Program. These activities assist in maintaining, development and increasing knowledge. Educational activities are publicized to the medical staff through the medical staff calendar located on the hospital intranet and email distribution. Contact Thelma Askew at for further information.

How are time sensitive communications reported to the medical staff?

UM BWMC sends time sensitive communications directly to the specified medical staff’s email. In addition, the hospital now uses a secure medical text messaging service, DOC Halo.

Will UM BWMC assist me in obtaining competitive cell phone page service rates?

Contact the Telecommunications Department for more information at 410-787-6771.

Does UM BWMC offer telephone answering services to its medical staff?

The Telecommunications Department processes and disseminates information to customers and provides dedicated public service to the patients and their families. Telephone answering service is offered to UM BWMC practicing physicians at an affordable rate. For a detailed list of the services provided and further information, contact Janice Seay, manager of telecommunications at 410-787-6738.

For more information, please feel free to contact the Medical Staff Services Department at 410-787-4525.