Interested in Joining the Medical Staff at UM BWMC?

Please contact the Medical Staff Services Department for our electronic medical staff application in order to obtain privileges for both physicians and licensed independent practitioners by e-mailing Please provide your full name, address, email address, phone number, specialty, date of birth and NPI number (if applicable). You may also fax your request to 410-595-1992, or request an application by phone at 410-787-4527.

If you are looking for employment opportunities, please visit our jobs page.

Learn More About our Medical Staff:

Meet Our Medical Staff Services Department:

  • Richard Hackett, RN, CPCS, CPMSM is our Director of Medical Affairs. He can be reached at 410-787-4130.
  • Paula Dorsey is our Medical Staff Coordinator. She handles all new applications for medical staff initial appointments. She can be reached at 410-787-4527.
  • Stacey Sherman is our Reappointment Specialist. She handles all reappointments of existing medical staff members. She can be reached at 410-787-4864.
  • Thelma Askew is our Continuing Medical Education/Graduate Medical Education Coordinator. She handles educational programs for medical staff members and all graduate training programs affiliated with UM BWMC. She can be reached at 410-787-4113.
  • Laurie Pullen is our Medical Staff Secretary. She handles all requests regarding medical staff affiliations. She is also responsible for various ED on-call schedules and handles medical staff meeting minutes. She can be reached at 410-787-4525.