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Download 6 Lung Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

Early Diagnosis is Key

Although COPD has no cure, recognizing symptoms early and getting diagnosed will help you reduce its effects.

6 Lung Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

If you experience any of these symptoms, see your physician for screening and further treatment.

  1. Chronic Cough: A cough that you've had for a month or more is one of the earliest warning signs of a problem with your respiratory system.
  2. Chronic Mucus Production: Mucus is a defense against infections and irritants. Mucus production that lasts a month or longer may be a sign of lung disease.
  3. Coughing up Blood: The blood could be coming from your lungs or somewhere else in your upper respiratory tract.
  4. Frequent Respiratory Infections: Continual respiratory diseases, such as colds, the flu and pneumonia, may be the sign of a lung condition.
  5. Shortness of Breath: Difficulty breathing when doing normal activities, such as getting out of a chair or walking across the room, may be a sign of a heart or lung condition.
  6. Wheezing: Noisy breathing indicates something unusual is blocking your lung airways or making them too narrow.

See your physician if you experience any of these symptoms.