Doctor looking at lung images

A lung nodule is a small abnormal area in the lungs found in a CT scan of the chest. Lung CT scans are ordered for many reasons, including a lung cancer screening or to help with diagnosing lung symptoms.

Most lung nodules are not cancer. Many times they are scar tissue from old infections or have other causes. However, tests are needed to make sure the nodule is not cancer.

At the Lung Center at UM BWMC, our multidisciplinary team of thoracic surgeons, oncologists, interventional radiologists and pathologists work together and use the latest scientific advancements to diagnose each patient and create a treatment plan, if needed.

If the lung nodule is cancer, our thoracic surgery and oncology teams will treat the patient at our award-winning Tate Cancer Center.

If the nodule is not cancer, our team of interventional pulmonology experts will monitor the patient over the course of years to make sure there is no change in the nodule or to treat any changes that may develop.