At UM BWMC, we believe that the better prepared you are when you have a joint replaced, the better your outcome will be. When you decide joint replacement surgery is right for you, your doctor will work with you to create a pre-rehabilitation regime designed to put you in optimal shape for a great recovery.

You will work approved physical activities into your daily routines leading up to surgery, such as stretching, flexibility training, resistance training and light cardiovascular exercises. This will allow you to maintain a higher level of functional ability and rebound more quickly in the rehabilitation process.

Another essential component of pre-habilitation is patient education. The more knowledge you have of your body and the surgical/recovery process, the better you'll be able to adapt and be proactive about your health. That's why UM BWMC's Joint Replacement Center encourages each of its joint replacement candidates to attend a class called, "Joint School: Preparing for Joint Replacement."

Our joint orthopedic specialists host these regular educational sessions in a supportive group setting that discuss the preparation and recovery of hip and knee replacement surgery. Important information is presented by the care team you will have including nurse practitioners, registered nurses and therapists, and sometimes even former patients.

Patients and their family members will also have the opportunity to ask detailed questions and are encouraged to bring their questions.

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