Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Hal Crane reviews an x-ray

We've done thousands of joint replacements, but it's still a first for you.

In 1975, UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center was the site of Anne Arundel County's first joint replacement surgery. Since then, our orthopedists have performed more than 5,000 joint replacements and continue to achieve excellence through the latest technologies and successful surgical outcomes.

The Joint Replacement Center provides comprehensive, team-focused care to patients before, during and long after joint replacement surgery. We offer a full range of partial and total replacement procedures for the knee and hip. Minimally invasive surgical techniques are offered, while the latest replacement technologies improve the strength of newly replaced joints.

In addition to our skilled orthopedic surgeons, the center's care team includes a dedicated nurse practitioner who works closely with patients prior to and following surgery, physical therapists, social workers and case managers. We offer a variety of pain management options to provide a comfortable recovery, and the majority of our patients are walking two hours after surgery and are able to go home the next day.

Many of our orthopedic surgeons are part of the University of Maryland Joint Network, a group of surgeons known for their advanced expertise in total hip and knee replacement. This experience and expertise results in lower infection rates and better outcomes overall. 

Find an orthopedic surgeon or for more information about the Joint Replacement Center and its services, please call 410-553-8282.