Our multidisciplinary care team also includes a certified genetic counselor on-site at UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center’s Tate Center for face-to-face consultation. Genetic counseling can help to identify women and men who have an increased lifetime cancer risk based on personal and family histories and who may benefit from genetic testing. Knowing if a person carries certain genetic alterations may adjust our screening and management plans for the individual, as well as provide important information for family members.

The genetic counselor works to match the most appropriate genetic testing to an individual's personal medical and family history, as well as provide up to date information on the scientific evidence and insurance coverage. Additionally, the genetic counselor will thoroughly discuss the benefits and limitations of genetic testing.

With advances in genetics and new testing available, a review session may even be an important option for those who have previously received "negative" genetic testing results. Those with positive or negative testing can often benefit from risk-reduction planning and follow-up with a physician.

To make an appointment with a genetic counselor, please call 410-553-8146.

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