Nursing Professional Practice log

University of Maryland Medical Center’s Nursing Professional Practice Model depicts how UMMC nurses practice, collaborate, communicate and develop professionally to provide patient care of the highest quality. The model integrates UMMC’s nursing mission, vision and values.

Our vision statement, “Privileged to Care, Passion for Excellence,” drives the Professional Practice Model. Our nursing mission focuses on the provision of patient and family-centered care, which is achieved by nurses who are committed to maintaining a focus on collaboration, leadership, innovation, safety, quality and community. Together, these concepts, in conjunction with the nursing vision and mission, motivate nurses to embrace the organizational values that support the core goals of nursing practice — heal, teach, discover and care.

Nursing Care Delivery System

Patient and family-centered care is the bedrock of the nursing care delivery system at UMMC. Integrated with the Professional Practice Model, the system delineates the nurse’s authority and accountability for clinical decision-making and responsibility for patient outcomes consistent with the scope of practice for registered nurses as defined by the Maryland Nurse Practice Act.

During the provision of patient and family-centered care, nurses are supported as they tailor care to each patient’s specific needs in a respectful, dignified manner. To achieve the expected patient outcomes, nurses partner with practitioners, patients and their families to promote continuous, consistent, efficient and accountable nursing care.

UMMC nurses deliver care in accordance with all regulatory and patient safety requirements, utilizing evidence-based standard practices while keeping a focus on the skill sets required to deliver affordable, value-based outcomes. The implementation of patient and family-centered care supports positive outcomes for long- and short-term care including increased patient health literacy, improvements in chronic disease management, improved patient satisfaction and increased nurse satisfaction/retention.