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One of the main reasons nurses take pride in working at University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) is our Magnet designation.

In 2024, the UMMC Downtown Campus earned its fourth consecutive Magnet designation, the highest honor bestowed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and the gold standard for nursing. This marks the first designation to also include UMMC's Midtown Campus. UMMC is one of only nine health care organizations in Maryland to receive this gold standard for nursing practice. Fewer than 10% of hospitals nationwide have achieved this designation — just 2% have earned it at least four times.

About Magnet

Established in 1990, the Magnet Recognition Program rewards healthcare organizations for establishing and maintaining standards of nursing excellence that support higher nurse job satisfaction and improved patient experiences.

Magnet designation is an exceptional achievement. Ours is one of only a few registered hospitals in the United States to not only achieve Magnet status but also do it consecutively. A testament to UMMC’s commitment to excellence, not just in nursing but all clinical specialties, our Magnet designation would not be possible without the broader collaboration between nursing, physicians and all UMMC departments.

The Magnet Model

A framework for excellence in nursing practice and roadmap for Magnet designation, the Magnet Model is based on five strategic focus areas in which hospitals should demonstrate high performance:

  • Transformational leadership
  • Structural empowerment
  • Exemplary professional practice
  • New knowledge, innovation, & improvements
  • Empirical quality outcomes

What Magnet Means for Patients

As a Magnet-designated hospital, we consistently demonstrate standards of nursing excellence that are in keeping with an overall commitment to providing the best health care possible. This means patients can expect a genuine approach to care from our team that, among other benefits, can result in improved patient outcomes (lower hospital-acquired infections, pressure ulcers and mortality rates, shorter hospital stays, etc.) and a better patient experience.

What Magnet Means for Our Nurses

In upholding the Magnet standard, UMMC creates a collaborative, engaging environment our nurses thrive in.

Having Magnet designation boosts our ability to attract and retain high-caliber nurses, leading to lower nurse turnover. In addition, our nurses:

  • have access to professional development opportunities
  • receive support and encouragement in their pursuit of advancement
  • experience higher job satisfaction and less burnout
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