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Mercy Medical Center is a 300 bed University affiliated hospital located within a few minutes from the University Hospital complex and Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Their new hospital opened in 2010 and is a state-of-the-art facility for patient care. Here, second and third year residents care for patients with common medical illnesses in an efficient private hospital with outstanding ancillary services.

Residents work with a large group of hospitalist physicians and are exposed to a variety of practice patterns and management techniques. Upper level University residents care for these patients along with one-year preliminary Mercy/University residents. The educational and clinical program is supervised by full and part-time faculty and a Chief Resident from the University of Maryland. Residents complimentary parking and a stipend covering all meals.

Medicine Inpatient Units

The upper level resident is the team leader of each of the 4 general medicine services at Mercy. The resident is responsible for supervising the clinical work and education experience for Mercy's preliminary interns, psychiatry interns fulfilling their IM requirement, subinterns and 3rd year medical student on their team. Morning report and specialty conferences are held throughout the week, with a dedicated intern-led Journal Club every other week. Grand Rounds are conducted weekly and feature speakers from Mercy, University of Maryland, Hopkins and other surrounding institutions.

Each of the four teams of residents and students care for an average of 14 teaching patients, with a team cap of 20. Residents are on-call every fourth day, supervising interns and subinterns on the team and assisting with cross-coverage for other medical teams. While on-call, the upper level resident also serves as the Medical Admitting Officer, triaging and supervising admissions and transfers to the hospital. A night float team assumes all patient care responsibility at 9 PM on Sunday through Thursday, allowing the on-call resident to go home at that time. Upper level residents stay overnight on Friday and Saturday nights on their long call days. Moonlighting opportunities on the weekends are available for upper level residents.

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