Why Choose Us

Experienced Clinical Staff

Our staff of RDNs are passionate about clinical nutrition, experts in their field, and eager to help you develop the skills needed to be successful.

Small Class Size

Get the personal attention and hands-on learning experiences you need to prepare you to become a competent entry-level practitioner.

Teaching Hospital

UMMC is an environment that caters to a variety of students in all aspects of patient care.

Opportunities exist for a range of educational experiences, from participating in inter-disciplinary rounds to observing surgeries and bedside procedures. Additionally, UMMC is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for patients, visitors, staff, and students from all walks of life.

Progressive Learning Environment

Rotations are thoughtfully scheduled so that concepts build on one another. This helps our interns develop clinical judgment and reasoning as they progress through their rotations.

Industry Leader

Farmers Market 21

UMMC is known for providing superior and compassionate health care to diverse populations. Our commitment to quality health care can be seen in the range of services we provide, as well as the cutting-edge patient care interventions and research underway at our institution.

Nutrition professionals are highly regarded as critical members of the interdisciplinary team, and are relied upon to provide optimal, evidence-based nutrition care to many of the sickest adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients in the state.

Academic Library Access

Interns have access to the Health Sciences and Human Services Library during their internship year.

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