UMMC Dietetic Intership class giving a presentation at a conference


To advance the field of clinical nutrition by providing an exemplary educational experience to the next generation of nutrition professionals.


To provide focused, hands-on educational experiences to prepare newly credentialed RDNs with the skills and knowledge necessary to assume entry-level positions and improve the nutrition status of diverse patients and communities.  

UMMC Dietetic Internship strives to develop the critical foundation of skills and knowledge necessary for graduates to begin a successful career in clinical dietetics through the utilization of structured, hands-on learning experiences.


  • Respect: We treat our peers with respect. We do not belittle, shame, or judge. We engage in open, honest communication.
  • Inclusion: We accept people for who they are. We embrace a diversity of perspectives and experiences. We seek to build representation in the profession.
  • Education: We remain current on research and best practices. We collaborate with our peers to ensure optimal educational experiences. We maintain an open mind to new ideas.
  • Accountability: We set clear expectations. We meet or exceed expectations set for us, whether they are set by others or ourselves.
  • Growth: We identify opportunities for improvement, and rise to the challenge. We seek and provide ongoing, constructive feedback.