Before Your Visit

Please leave valuable items, such as cash, credit cards or jewelry, at home or with your friends or family during your visit. If you decide to bring cell phones or other electronic items, please keep these items close by you or with your family. UMMC can not secure these items for you and is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Items to Bring

Items to bring to the hospital for your admission:

  • Personal identification
  • Insurance cards for all of your insurance plans
  • Referral or authorization forms
  • Advance Directive/Medical Order for Life Sustaining Treatment (MOLST)
  • List of current medications with dosage and frequency
  • List of allergies and health conditions
  • List of physician names and contact numbers
  • List of personal emergency contact phone numbers
  • Toiletry items
  • Prepaid phone card (out of town patients)
  • Paperwork for your physician to complete before your discharge (i.e. FMLA, disability paperwork)

What Not to Bring

Items NOT to bring to the Medical Center for your admission:

  • Valuable items, like jewelry or watches
  • Wallets or cash

After Your Visit

Resources For Your Hometown Doctor

After your visit, your doctor may need to obtain your medical record for your continued care. For questions that your doctor has regarding your medical records, the doctor or their office can contact the Office of Referring Physicians Services at 410-328-8935.

Taking Care of Worries While You are in Treatment

At times, you and your family may have problems not related to your illness that can affect your speedy recovery and discharge. You may have concerns about food, shelter, clothing, paying for utilities or paying for medicines. You may worry about other people who depend on you like your children or elderly parents. You may have experienced domestic violence and are concerned about your safety in and out of the hospital.

We are able to help in these situations. Please tell your nurse that you have concerns so we can arrange for a social worker to meet with you. The social services department will make every effort to connect you with the right resources in the community to help with your problem.

You or your family may want to use the resources we have to take care of non-medical needs:

  • Chaplains are available to support your spiritual needs. A Chapel is also located on the first floor of the Weinberg Building for you and your family to use. Chaplains can be reached at 410-328-6014, or ask a member of you health care team to contact them. You do not need to have a religious affiliation to visit with a chaplain or the chapel.
  • Palliative Care Team offers care and treatment centered on you and your family if you are suffering from a progressive or incurable disease. They can provide expert assistance in finding the best way to manage pain, counsel you about community resources, and provide patient and family education. You may ask your doctor or nurse to refer you to the Palliative Care Team or call them directly at 410-328-6700.
  • Case Management may be part of your care team to help you get the most appropriate placement for you if you need specialty care after your discharge. They can also arrange for special equipment if you need it at home.

Reporting Concerns About Your Care

You may have concerns about the quality of care you or your loved one is receiving. Please alert us right away so we may address these concerns and take care of the problem. Call any of the numbers below if you are not satisfied with how your nurse, doctor or charge nurse is handling the problem:

Location and Contact Info

Patient Resource Center
22 S Greene St
First Floor, Central Elevators
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-328-9355