The Perinatal Outreach Telemedicine Program aims to provide accessible maternal fetal medicine consultation and high-risk pregnancy management to all women in the state of Maryland. Through this program, remote consultation with a maternal fetal medicine physician can occur through the use of video-conferencing over a secure internet connection. This allows patients to remain in their community and avoid traveling long distances to access consultative services that may not otherwise be directly available to them. Other advantages include enhanced patient compliance and decreased patient travel expense.

While there are some maternal or fetal conditions that do necessitate an in-person visit to a maternal fetal medicine physician, many conditions can be handled through this remote access program. We will work with your referring provider to develop an individualized care plan for your pregnancy.

Types of consultations available through the telemedicine program include:

  • Consultation for maternal medical condition in pregnancy
  • Diabetes consultation and management
  • Genetic counseling
  • HIV care coordination
  • Preconception counseling

Participating Providers

For participating providers who wish to schedule an appointment, please fax a consult request form along with the patient’s pertinent medical records to our secure electronic fax server (410-328-7291). Our telemedicine team will contact both your office and the patient to schedule an appointment.

Becoming a Participating Provider

If you are interested in a becoming a participating provider in the telemedicine program, please call 410-328-5965 or email, and we will explain the process and work with your office to establish the necessary electronic connection.

Emergency Consults and Acceptance of Maternal Transports

For any emergent consultation and for acceptance of maternal transports, a maternal fetal medicine physician is available 24/7 via the UMMS ExpressCare System and can be reached at 410-328-1411.