Emily and Caitlin are doing wonderfully. At their last checkup, Emily was 20 lbs. 3 oz and 28 inches long and Caitlin was 20 lbs. 10 oz and also 28 inches long. (Caitlin was the smaller of the two at birth.) They are both crawling and pulling themselves up to stand. They both have started waving, too, which I have to admit is super cute. The chase is continuously on, however, and we have resorted to getting a play yard, or as my oldest daughter calls it, "the pen" to keep them contained when I need a break from the constant chasing.

We continue to feel so extremely lucky and blessed that we have them both and they are so healthy. I find myself thinking about TTTS a lot and the severity of it and how amazing it is that Emily and Caitlin are here. Ultrasounds saved their lives. Most people when pregnant, just assume that the baby will be healthy and the main purpose of an ultrasound is to find out the sex of the baby (if you want to.) We had ultrasounds to find out if our children were alive. I'll never forget the ultrasound the week after surgery and the doctor saying "Well, they're both still alive." It really puts everything into your life into perspective.

We will always be grateful and will continue to update you with photos and new "stats." Our story really is one of hope, determination, and the ultimate success and I feel the need to share it with others. I know I offered this before, but I could be of any help to anyone, please allow me to.

Again, thanks for everything.

Gabrielle Chidester

For detailed assessment, call the Center for Advanced Fetal Care at 1-888-349-8946 (FIX-TWIN).