A free educational program open to families and students of Baltimore City that have been referred by the Court System to attend. 

This is an empowering initiative designed to guide and inspire youth towards making informed, life-affirming choices. Through a guided tour of Shock Trauma, participants gain a firsthand understanding of the profound impact of these risky behaviors. Witnessing the realities faced by young individuals affected by drunk driving or gun violence isn't just about shock value; it's about fostering empathy, igniting awareness and sparking a profound shift in perspective.

The heart of SMART lies in its tailored presentations. We engage with our participants in a relatable manner, sharing stories and experiences that resonate deeply. By showcasing real-life narratives of individuals who have faced the consequences of risky choices, we aim not only to inform but also empower. 

See calendar below to sign up if you have been referred. You must have a referral in order to attend. 


Contact Us

For questions please email prevention@umm.edu or call 410-328-2035.