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In FY2017, CIPP’s Trauma Prevention Programs reached approximately 9,800 teens, including approximately 810 high risk teens in Baltimore City and surrounding Maryland Counties. It also reached 653 adult DWI/DUI offenders. The Trauma Prevention Program Curriculum includes distracting and/or impaired driving presentations offering insight and discussion regarding healthy decision making.

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Trauma Prevention Assemblies (Impaired Driving and/or Distracted Driving)

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The Trauma Prevention Program visits high schools throughout Maryland each year to host assemblies focusing on impaired and/or distracted driving. Each assembly opens with a few power point slides about the Shock Trauma Center, and then students watch one of three video presentations:

“Get the Message” addresses distracted driving, specifically illustrating the fatal impact of a single text message to a young driver and her friends. In the video, a 17-year old was distracted while driving which resulted in her death and injuries to several passengers. 

“Someone Like You” tells the brief story of how the poor decision to drink and drive resulted in her death, and her passenger surviving with a collapsed lung and only one of his arms.

“Two Lives Changed” tells the story of two young adults involved in alcohol related crashes who lived to share their emotional stories and injuries.

Following the designated video, the team of nurses engages students in discussion around smart decision making. Students will learn the consequences of impaired and distracted driving, along with alternative decision making. The program is then augmented by a young trauma survivor who will share his or her powerful and inspirational story. At the end of the assembly, the floor is opened to students for any questions and comments about trauma prevention; impaired driving and/or distracted driving.

Trauma Prevention Assemblies are one hour in length and can be scheduled Monday-Friday. Requests are subject to availability and 30-day notice is preferred. The trauma prevention team will work to address the needs of your students and provide the appropriate program and presenter based on student concerns. Please contact us at or 410-328-2035 for more information or to schedule your assembly.

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