This program manages the social security funds of patients who receive mental health services in the Division of Community Psychiatry. The program is designed to assist individuals who are unable to mange their own funds due to their mental illness and/or substance abuse. Eligible individuals must be receiving services in either PACT, CSP , CCT or Harbor City Unlimited Rehabilitation Programs.

The program is operated under the regulations of the Social Security Administration and has the responsibility to assure that an individuals disability income is spent on essential needs such housing, food and clothing. Money is not permitted to be spent on drugs or alcohol and the program has the right to withhold access to funds if this is the intent of the client.

With the recovery model at the core, the ultimate goal is to assist every client to eventually become their own payee. Skills training in money management, budgeting, and decision making is provided on an individual basis.

Program Manager: Maxine Klane

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