Offered only in physician’s offices, Young peels are scientifically formulated to rejuvenate skin, resulting in a glowing, smooth new look. Application takes minutes, and peeling over three to seven days gets rid of old skin cells. Each peel comes with a number of products to soothe your skin and prevent sun damage. Different peels are available for aging, pigmentation, or acne. Additional home products are also available.

Gloss Peel

If you have fine lines and sun damage, a gloss peel will give you a smoother texture and a polished, radiant look. The Gloss Peel uses salicylic, azelaic, and retinol to peel your skin for three days with minimal redness and down time. This peel includes sunscreen, cleanser, and retinol pads.

Actinage Peel

If you are a teen or young adult with acne, this is the peel for you. The Actinage Peel uses mandelic, salicylic,and azelaic with retinol to treat blemish prone skin and comes with products for home use.

Products used in this peel were formulated in 1977 by a cosmetic chemist. It is a reliable, effective, but easily tolerated system of peeling. The initial products were for skin diseases, but as ingredients became available for photoaging and hyperpigmentation, scientists applied their pharmaceutical chemistry experience to formulate a new line of aesthetic treatments to improve skin tone and texture and to decrease blotchy pigmentation.

Melanage Minipeel

If you have fine lines, areas of age spots, and large pores, this is the peel for you. The Melanage Minipeel contains azelaic lactic and phytic acids to smooth and brighten your skin. You will peel for three to seven days. It comes with a cleanser, sunscreen, soothing cream and home peeling cream.

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