After weight loss, whether it is from dieting or bariatric surgery, many patients have excess skin. The extra skin can be problematic in a variety of ways. The excess skin can rub and become irritated, can lead to local skin infections, particularly within skin creases, and can be cosmetically unappealing, making it difficult to fit into clothing.

Furthermore, even after massive weight loss, many patients can have residual stubborn deposits of fat in certain problem areas that just will not go away. University of Maryland Plastic Surgeons use a variety of techniques to remove the unwanted skin and residual fat.

Every effort is made to use the most minimally invasive techniques, including:

  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction
  • Standard liposuction
  • Breast and body lifting (belt lipectomy, abdominoplasty, miniabdominoplasty, thigh lifts, arm lifts/brachioplasty)

  • Buttock lifts
  • Breast lifts (with or without augmentation/reduction)

At the University of Maryland Medical Center, all patients undergoing post-weight loss body contouring have their procedure performed within the safety of a state-of-the-art hospital operating room, rather than an office or surgicenter. This adds maximum patient safety to the procedure, which is of course our number one priority.

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