A peel is a liquid that is applied by the doctor to your face. It causes your face to peel off some of its outer skin over three to seven days to leave a new radiant skin. There are different peels for acne, fine lines, or blotchy skin with age spots or uneven pigmentation. Medical peels are stronger than what you might obtain at a beauty salon but are not as deep as lasers or dermabrasion.

Who should get a cosmetic peel?

A peel is appropriate for most people who would like to have smoother skin with more even tones. You should not be taking Accutane or on other strong Retin products at the time of peeling.

Are people able to tell when patients have had peels?

For several days after peeling, you will notice flaky skin, as if you have had a sunburn. You can wash and moisturize during this time to decrease the flaking and go about your normal activities.

Where will the peel occur?

Most peels occur at the Tullamore office.

What should I bring the day of my peel?

On the day of your peel, wear no makeup, and clean your face normally that morning. Eye irritation or watering is common, so dark glasses may be useful. Once applied, the skin is yellow for two to four hours until the solution is washed away.

What happens on the day of my peel?

The skin is cleaned and two layers of solution is applied. It is left on for two to four hours, and then you wash it off at home. Several products come with the peel to wash and soothe your face during the peeling. A sunscreen is also included in the products that you will receive.

What happens after the peel? Will I need to stay home?

You will apply cleanser each day and night and a soothing moisturizer. You do not need to stay home. The peeling is most intense on day three.

What should I expect from recovery after the peel?

The skin will be mildly red and flaky.

Will I need touch-ups or maintenance procedures in the future?

Peels can be repeated in several months to further refine your skin.

Will insurance cover this procedure?

No, this is an elective cosmetic procedure. Costs range from $50 to $350.

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