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University of Maryland Orthopaedics is recognized as a regional leader in providing advanced orthopedic treatment for adults and children. Meet some of our patients and read about their life-changing experiences. These are the sort of success stories that our orthopedic physicians and staff make possible every day.

After Vienne fell off an 8-foot slide, she broke her wrist. While they fractures seem to be common, they are not a routine condition and often are  not set correctly. It wasn't until Dr. Josh Abzug did a second X-ray when they learned Vienne's wrist was broken in 2 spots. After surgery, now Vienne is back to doing what she loves — playing violin (without Dad's help).

  • Jerry: Patient appreciates Dr. Ng's responsiveness to his questions and concerns
  • Meredith Riley: Young athlete returns to active life after diagnosis and treatment of an aggressive bone lesion
  • Anastacio Ordonez: Life-saving surgery to treat chondrosarcoma allows young father to visit family in home country of El Salvador
  • Sue King: Double shoulder replacement with Dr. Gilotra allows patient to travel to Japan, spend time outdoors
  • Wendy Nightingale: Scoliosis patient who thought she'd spend her life in a wheelchair now lives healthy, active lifestyle running marathons
  • Katelyn Mitchell: Teenager has her leg saved by UMMC orthopaedic surgeons, Shock Trauma team
  • Jedriel: Occupational therapy and splinting return movement to boy's arm.

Riley Shipley: Young athlete accurately diagnosed, cured by UMMC orthopaedic, vascular surgeons

Riley Shipley is an young, avid athlete, who thought her sports career was over when she started experiencing an extreme amount of pain in her right leg. It crippled her game. Test after test, doctors couldn't give Riley the relief she needed to continue her sports career. Until she came to the University of Maryland Medical Center-- and was diagnosed with popliteal artery entrapment syndrome.

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