Hand grasping wrist that is in pain

The peripheral nerve system exists outside of the spine and brain. This includes the nerves which run through your arms and legs.

Sometimes, these nerves can become pinched or damaged, causing pain at the spot where the nerve is affected. There are treatments available to help with this pain. Finding a neurosurgical team is important because of their special training with treating these types of conditions.

Our neurosurgery team at UM Shore Medical Group has that experience. To learn more about our program or to make an appointment at our Easton office, call 410-820-9117.

Conditions We Treat

Ulnar Nerve Compression

The ulnar nerve is one of the main nerves that supplies strength and sensation to the forearm and hand. The nerve can be pinched along the inner aspect of the elbow, resulting in pain, numbness or weakness involving the forearm and hand. A small incision along the inner elbow can relieve pressure on the nerve and allow it freedom to move within its sheath. This is called an ulnar nerve decompression.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The carpal tunnel is the most common site for entrapment of the nerve within the wrist. With repeated use or in certain medical conditions, this ligament can become thick and compress the nerve, resulting in pain, numbness and/or weakness in the hand. A very small incision near the palm allows for relieving pressure on the nerve. This is called a carpal tunnel release.

Peripheral Nerve Tumors

Sometimes tumors, either benign or cancerous, can form on the peripheral nerves. These can occur anywhere in the body. Our neurosurgeons are experts at treating tumors and can also treat tumors in or around the spine or brain if necessary.

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To learn more about our program or to make an appointment at our Easton location, call 410-820-9117.