University of Maryland Shore Regional Cancer Center is an active partner in advancing the understanding and treatment of cancer through clinical trials and research studies of people who have cancer. The goal of these studies is to find better ways to treat, diagnose and prevent cancer so that people can live better and longer.

Currently, less than 3% of adult cancer patients enroll in trials. The main reason for this is a lack of awareness of clinical trials.  Most, if not all, major advancements in the treatment of cancer have come as a direct result of patient participation in clinical trials.

Clinical trials are the engine of cancer research and can represent a patient’s best chance for effective therapy. The clinical trials offered at University of Maryland Shore Regional Cancer Center include preventive, treatment and observational research studies. Most of the trials available through our program compare the standard or most accepted treatment verses a new treatment.

In the past, patients were required to travel long distances to university hospital settings in order to participate in a clinical trial.  Patients can participate in select trials under the care of their local oncologist or surgeon.

Patients have access to national and industry-sponsored clinical trials. The University of Maryland Shore Regional Cancer Center research team can help determine if a treatment option is right for a particular patient. As with all clinical trials, patients who enroll must meet specific criteria.

For more information about clinical trials at UM Shore Regional Cancer Center, call 410-822-1000 extension 2300.

Clinical research offers hope for today and promise for tomorrow.