Learn more about the role of social work in cancer care from Patty Plaskon, Ph.D., LCSW-C, OSW-C, APHSW-C, an oncology social work coordinator for the Cancer Program at UM Shore Regional Health.

Oncology Social Workers Are Part Of Your Team

The Cancer Center team includes Clinical Oncology Social Workers who have special training in the psychological and practical aspects of cancer. They help cancer patients and their families overcome challenges during treatment planning, the treatment process, and post-treatment. Services include:

For more information or assistance, please send an email requesting an appointment to Patty Plaskon, pplaskon@umm.edu or call 410-820-6800 and ask to speak to one of our social workers.

TIPPS Quality Of Life

A cancer diagnosis and treatment can mean living with uncertainty, change and challenges with symptom management. We understand that cancer affects many aspects of life. TIPPS sessions, which are free of charge as well as confidential, offer private conversations with a social worker about personal relationships, family life, and financial, legal and spiritual concerns. These sessions are a safe place to raise concerns about treatment decisions, integrative and rehabilitation therapies, employment vs. disability options, disease progression and palliative care, etc.

Patients and family members may request TIPPS sessions by appointment at any time during the course of their cancer journey.

Financial Consultation

Lack of insurance or insurance that has high deductibles and co-pays should not be an obstacle to cancer treatment. Upon registering for treatment, our Patient Access team screens patients for programs that might assist with the cost of care.

Financial consultations with our oncology social workers help patients for whom medication, supplies or other treatment-related expenses become unaffordable. Patients are matched with appropriate programs based upon their financial need and eligibility. Education on financial matters related to cancer treatment is available.

Pat Shortall Wig Room

The Pat Shortall Wig Room provides wigs, hats and other accessories to patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation. A staff member assists patients with fitting and finding the right style and gives instructions on how to care for their wig. Wigs are limited to one free per patient; catalogs are available to order additional wigs. To schedule an appointment, please call 410-820-6800.

NOTE: At this time we cannot accept donations of used wigs.

Women's Health Boutique

The Women's Health Boutique provides post-mastectomy garments, prosthetics and swimwear to accommodate the needs of pre- and post-surgery patients. Services are provided by a Certified Prosthesis Specialist and may be scheduled by appointment on the third Friday of each month at the Clark Comprehensive Breast Center, 10 Martin Court in Easton. To make an appointment, call 410-820-9400.

Improving Your Look and Outlook (LOL)

Improving Your Look and Outlook (LOL) is offered in partnership with local salons and Walgreens beauty consultants. LOL provides consultation on hair and skin changes due to treatment, and tips for enhancing your appearance. Contact your Oncology Social Worker for an appointment with a provider near you.