UM Capital Region Health heart surgery team

The UM Capital Heart and Vascular Institute has your heart covered 24/7 with a team of specialists focused on your exact condition, whether you need an outpatient appointment or emergency surgery.

Our team of cardiologists, heart surgeons and nurses, and vascular surgeons work together to make sure you have the best care possible. We know each patient is different and will work to find the best treatment for you.

To learn more about our program or to make an appointment, call 240-677-0248.

Top Heart Surgery Team

Our heart surgery program has scored in the top 10% in the nation for coronary artery surgery outcomes, as ranked by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons.

Coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death for adults and leads to heart attacks. We take pride in making sure Prince George's County's hearts are taken care of, especially in the most dire of conditions.

Leaders in Treating Heart Failure

Our team was recognized by the US News & World Report as a top performing hospital in heart failure treatment.

Heart failure means that your heart cannot pump enough blood through the body. This can lead to fatigue, appetite loss and kidney failure.

Our surgeons are experts at using ventricular assist devices to help treat heart failure patients.

New Location

In June 2021, we opened the doors to the new UM Capital Region Medical Center in Largo. The new hospital features an entire floor dedicated to heart and vascular care, with all private patient rooms, the latest advances for inpatient monitoring and enhanced safety and air ventilation systems. It also has dedicated cardiac operating rooms, extensive diagnostic and imaging capabilities, cardiac catheterization labs and electrophysiology labs.