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The Survivorship Program at the Tate Cancer Center provides comprehensive care to patients who have completed treatment for cancer at UM BWMC. Participants receive valuable resources that aim to enhance their recovery after treatment. The program includes a team of clinical providers that connect participants to education materials and resources that support their long-term wellness.

The survivorship team understands that the cancer experience is not over once treatment is over. By attending to the unique needs of cancer survivors, the team supports, treats and empowers patients with the goal of helping them return to the highest quality of life as soon as possible.

Program Services

Each patient who completes treatment at the Tate Cancer Center is considered a survivor. As part of the program, survivors are connected to an oncology social worker, a registered dietitian, and rehabilitation therapists.

As a Tate Cancer Center survivor, individuals gain access to the following services:

  • Social and emotional support services
  • Invitation to attend a monthly support group
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Educational seminars
  • Preventive cancer screenings

The Tate Cancer Center celebrates its survivors at an annual event hosted in June.

For more information about the survivorship program and its services, or to make an appointment at the Tate Cancer Center, please call 410-553-8179.