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CenteringParenting® at University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center

We want every child to stay safe and healthy. Our CenteringParenting® program brings parents and children together for family-centered, well-child group care from infancy up to 16 years old.

In groups of six to eight, moms, partners, support people and their same-age children meet with a pediatrician and other healthcare providers as well as other parents whose children are experiencing similar developmental milestones at the same time. In a safe, supportive environment, CenteringParenting® is a great place to ask questions and develop relationships and lifelong bonds between families.

CenteringParenting® consists of nine, two-hour visits scheduled around the baby’s age/developmental milestones or the child’s grade. Each visit serves as a regular well-visit checkup.  Additionally, visits include time for group discussion that focuses on family, self-care, wellness and women’s health. At every visit, parents are encouraged to be actively involved with their child’s assessment, which includes tracking growth, development, immunizations and oral health.

Why Choose CenteringParenting?

  • Experienced, compassionate care. Visits are led by a provider on UM BWMC's medical staff. Each visit begins with individual well-child health assessments, immunizations and developmental screenings that follow the Bright Futures™ nationally recognized guidelines.
  • Fun, interactive learning. The provider leads the group in discussion and interactive activities on topics like attachment, safe sleep, breastfeeding, nutrition, early literacy, development and safety. This helps guide parents through self-care, family dynamics and healthy choices.
  • Supportive group setting. Patients find comfort in knowing they are not alone in the journey of parenthood. Participation in group care builds friendships, reassurance, community and a support system. Sessions are filled with story sharing, advice giving and lots of laughter.
  • Easy, organized plan of care. Participants receive all Centering dates and times at once, so busy families can plan ahead and not worry about scheduling appointments.
  • No waiting in a doctor's office. CenteringParenting is held in a large, comfortable room dedicated to Centering, so parents don't have to wait in a lobby next to sick children until they're called. 

Community building two mothers with newbornsCenteringParenting is available to all mothers with newborns or children in the community. Centering classes are available at two convenient locations in Anne Arundel County. (Note, during the COVID-19 response, group sessions are held on Zoom and brief individual in-person check-ups are done.)

  • UM BW Health Services building, 7556 Teague Road, Suite 430, Hanover
  • Executive Center building, 300 Hospital Drive, Suite 226, Glen Burnie

To enroll in CenteringParenting at UM BWMC, please call 410-553-8540. To learn more about Centering, visit the Centering Healthcare Institute's website at