Cecelia Hall on Stage

Cecelia Hall on stage

Maintaining Good Health with the Help of Adult & Senior Care Specialists

Cecilia Rose Hall, 73, of Linthicum, lives an active lifestyle that keeps her busy and entertained. She enjoys gardening, cooking, exercising, spending time with her husband and their dog, and traveling. She is active in her community, attending church, volunteering and belonging to social clubs. On top of it all, she began her acting career 25 years ago and continues to act today in small television and movie roles.

"I love acting and being out and about, and staying healthy makes it all possible," Hall says. "It doesn't matter how much money you have or where you live; if you don't have your health, you can't enjoy what you've worked for."

More than a decade ago, Hall and her husband, Allen, were looking for a new primary care provider and turned to the UM Baltimore Washington Medical Group (UM BWMG) - Adult and Senior Care, a partner of the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center (UM BWMC).

Personalized Attention

UM BWMG - Adult and Senior Care offers primary medical care to adults ages 49 and older. The practice comprises several expert providers and has locations in Millersville and Pasadena. They are trained in caring for older adults and seniors, helping patients stay well as they age.

"Dr. Mohit Negi and the team at UM BWMG - Adult and Senior Care could not be more personable," Hall says. "He is interested in your entire life, not just your medical history, and understands how mental health and finding activities you enjoy are important to your well-being. They take their time with you."

Hall sees Dr. Negi every year for a routine wellness checkup. In addition, she has appointments every three months to monitor her prediabetes, a condition she has managed since she was 16.

"Dr. Negi helps me manage my prediabetes so I can prevent complications," Hall says. "He is knowledgeable and refers you to specialists when needed to make sure you get specific care for more serious health issues. He helps me navigate all my health concerns."

In addition to helping Hall manage her prediabetes, throughout the past 12 years, UM BWMG - Adult and Senior Care has helped her overcome mental health challenges and stay on top of preventive screenings. They have connected her with a dietitian to manage her weight, a cardiologist when she had breathing troubles and a vascular specialist when she experienced dizziness.

After Hall saw the vascular specialist, a carotid screening revealed a 45 percent blockage in an artery, which she now takes medicine for to prevent stroke.

Specialized Care

"Our clinical providers are uniquely qualified to evaluate and manage the health care needs of middle age and older adults," says Dr. Negi, an internist and geriatrician at UM BWMG - Adult and Senior Care and medical director of senior care at UM BWMC.

"We help our patients lead a healthy life through education, counseling, risk factor modification and preventive care. In addition, we manage complex conditions that are common with aging. Our goal is to provide high quality care to our patients during their midlife and beyond years," says Dr. Negi.

Since Hall transitioned to UM BWMG - Adult and Senior Care, she feels confident with her care and can enjoy this active chapter of her life. She recently acted in her first movie role and looks forward to more projects.

"We're not getting any younger! Good health means everything, and adults should look ahead to the future and be prepared," Hall says. "When you do face medical conditions that affect most adults, you will already have a trusted health provider you can call."