Bone Marrow Transplant Daisy Award

Bone Marrow Transplant Team Award

On a busy Thursday afternoon, I was covering for one of my nurse manager colleagues. As I stood in between the air lock waiting for the second door to open, I heard the faint sound of music. Sure enough, as the door started to open, Papa was a Rolling Stone, hit my ears.

At first, I thought it was coming from a patient's room, but as I walked down the hallway, the volume stayed the same and I noticed patients strolling the hallways with their IV poles.

When I got to the nurses station to check-in, I asked what was going on. The nurses proceeded to tell me about the walking hour started by and continued in honor of Denise Choiniere, former Director of Oncology Nursing.

It was amazing! You could tell it was a particularly tough day on the unit so to see the continued dedication to encouraging patient exercise and to get out of the confines of their rooms was a seemingly small gesture that made a huge impact. Not only to the patients, but likely anyone that walked onto the unit.

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