Residents are supervised closely. All operations and procedures have an attending present. At the University of Maryland Medical Center, daily rounds are made with an attending on all inpatients and consults. The urology clinic is staffed by an attending which reviews all patient charts and discusses problem cases with the PGY4 resident during or after each clinic. All clinic procedures (cystoscopy, transrectal ultrasound and prostate biopsy, as well as urodynamics) are performed by residents with attending supervision available at all times. Residents are given graded levels of responsibility in both patient care and procedural urology.

At the Veterans Administration Medical Center at Baltimore (VA), each operation has a specific attending present in the operating room. The VA outpatient clinic has a staff attending present, both seeing patients, supervising in the operating room and overseeing resident care.

At the Baltimore Washington Medical Center (BWMC), all operations have the private attending present. Clinic patients are seen with the assigned attending of the month.

At the Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH), all pediatric patients are seen with their private staff attending, and all operations are performed with the attending in the operating room.

Because the attending is present, rapid communication with the supervisor is not a problem. The residents know that they can reach the urology attendings at any time via telephone or pager if there are questions regarding patient care or supervision.

We encourage such communication and it is our goal to produce the very best urology residents to carry on our tradition of quality graduates.